Blank TV Premiere SHOTGUNNER’s Holiday Video ‘Feliz Navidad’

Blank TV Premiere SHOTGUNNER’s Holiday Video ‘Feliz Navidad’

New Holiday EP ‘Feliz Navidad’

      Edmonton, AB’s post apocalyptic party metal band SHOTGUNNER have teamed up with Blank TV for the exclusive premiere of their new holiday video ‘Feliz Navidad’. The video is in celebration of the band’s new same titled holiday EP that was unleashed earlier this week to follow their 2015 Xmas release ‘A Shotgunner Christmas’.

Watch ‘Feliz Navidad’ at

“We’re excited to release another Christmas EP! We hope when you play it around the Christmas table, it’s able to make you headbang as well as further alienate you from your loved ones.” comments guitarist / vocalist Diego Fernandez.

‘Feliz Navidad’ EP Stream available here.

‘Feliz Navidad’ available for digital download via Bandcamp, CD Baby and iTunes

1. Let’s Party Merry Gentlemen (3:05)
2. Lay Ride (3:10)
3. Holy Pint (1:50)
4. Feliz Navidad (3:15)
EP Length: 11:22

SHOTGUNNER released their debut album ‘Lock and Loaded’ this past July, which can be heard in full at the following link

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It’s not every day a band creates a whole new genre: So all hail the splendidly-named Shotgunner with their ‘post apocalyptic western party metal’.


Indeed, if you can imagine the soundtrack to an inebriated Mad Max and Snake Plissken living the vida loca in Las Vegas, you’re still only halfway to imagining the party metal mania that Shotgunner invoke.

Shotgunner aren’t letting the grass grow under their feet, as they follow up their debut ‘Locked and Loaded’ album with a Christmas EP entitled ‘Feliz Navidad’, which guitarist / vocalist Diego hopes their fans will “take as an opportunity to play for their families and further alienate themselves from their loved ones”.


Yehaw! That’s what Christmas is all about!

Diego reveals Shotgunner has a bottomless pit of party inspired metal. “We have an ever-growing list of hundreds of funny ideas, song titles, specific lines and themes. From that list we create songs that match the idea. Luke and Brandon will then flesh out the lyrics for the song. We’ll then enter the studio, consume many beers, and hit record. For the songs to have that genuine party sound, we figure we have to be partying while create them. If it makes us laugh then we know we’re on the right track! For instance, ‘Let’s Party Merry Gentlemen’ is a take on one of the most metal-sounding Christmas songs ever. With a simple, groovy rhythm section, the riffs and vocals are able to stand out. This will definitely be a live staple for the foreseeable future!”
You have to admire a band that practices what it preaches! Diego sums up the ethos of Shotgunner thusly. “We strive to be as entertaining as possible. Ridiculous song titles, funny interludes, burped gang vocals, creative uses of our instruments, anything we can do to make our music stand out from the bunch!”

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