Hometown: Calgary. Alberta

Band Members

cott Onofrychuk – Guitar, Lead Vocals
Brandon McNeil – Guitars, Harsh Vocals
Jeff Perry – Bass, Harsh Vocals –
Darren May – Drums

A four-headed monster spawns from a melting pot of cartoon backdrops, 8bit soundscapes and sonic guitar solos. It shambles along for the first few years of existence trying to find its purpose. Under a given name that it does not recognize as its own, it begins laying waste to the collective ears and stages of Western Canada with reckless abandon.
The monster, they say, is an amalgamation of the artists formerly known as Hellborn Death Engines, and is now known by it’s true and final form: Illyrian. Illyrian knows no boundaries and labels. It does not know about the current demands of the modern day heavy metal scene….but it does know itself, having absorbed two new brains in Jeff Perry (bass) and Darren May (drums), to join its original mad creators Scott Onofrychuk (guitar/vocals) and Brandon McNeil (guitar/vocals) in their eternal quest for world domination via thrash metal and weather dominators.
With a whole new collection of songs, the monster – the guitar blazin’, eyebrow raisin’, pie eatin’, mosh leadin’ monster – is set to unleash another opus upon the world.
Because if the world is truly overrun by humans…then they have work to do.