ACHERONTIA STYX – SHADOW AND FLAME is in Rotation at Kat’s Metal Litter Box Rock & Metal Radio

Originally formed in 2007, the original incarnation of Acherontia Styx was short lived.

Shortly after Guitarist Paul Taylor joined the band to complete the line up, a life threatening accident forced then Bassist Grant Crossan to leave the lineup permanently.

After a number of lineup changes, the band finally settled and recorded their debut album in 2008.
Unfortunately this would signal the end for the band too. Significant issues with the Record Label meant that the album was never released, and the band dissolved in 2009.

Fast forward to 2018, following brief discussions and writing, Grant and Paul, joined with original drummer Kevin, to begin recording a series of tracks. As Paul had commissioned the original “classic” logo from world famous artist Christophe Szpajdel, it was decided they would resurrect the name and begin releasing tracks.

The 2019 EP “Your Possible Pasts” received critical acclaim, most notably the single “Eyes Of Glass”. The bizarre way in which the band had recruited and utilised collaborators peaked curiosity in what became a smash in underground metal, earning the band a number of distinguished awards from the press.

This lineup too was short-lived, after a number of issues presented themselves it was decided that Acherontia Styx would continue without Kevin.

Late in 2019, the lineup was finally completed, mid way through the writing of their 2nd “debut” album Shadow And Flame, with respected lead guitarist Adam Ashbridge and vetran drummer Jake Burden-Stokoe.

The ensuing writing process also heralded a shift in band roles, with Grant resigning bass duties in order to give the vocals more focus, and Paul Taylor switching from Guitar to Bass to allow greater variation in the writing process.

The global pandemic had, like all artists, slowed the release of “Shadow And Flame” as well as having stunted the bands desires to rejoin the live music scene.
Through perseverance and communication, the production of the album is now in complete and available on all good streaming services, as well as the labels main download site

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