Hometown: Toronto/Mississauga, Ontario

Band Members

Dustin Patkai – Vocals
Chris Sokoloski – Guitar
Aaron Pozzer – Drums

From out of the ashes of Toronto Tech Metal band Starring Janet Leigh (Ironclad/Metalblade) arose VileDriver, featuring SjL drummer Aaron Pozzer and guitarist Chris Sokoloski. Formed in deep winter of 2011, VileDriver brought forth a new form of metal that could be understood by and contributed to with rapid-fire vocalizations delivered only by Dustin Patkai, joining in the winter of 2013. VileDriver was presented to the metal nation in June 2014 and will soon be at a metal venue near you. Bass players welcome to audition – Currently covering bass frequencies live via unprocessed output from amp to pitch shifter to bass amp, and it works.