Kat’s Metal Litter Box helps a lot of Rock & Metal Bands

All of our services our free for bands to use. We have been notified by the companies that run our radio station and our site that they are increasing the price of their packages that we use. We have been pay out of pocket for all these services. (Meaning Me Evan)

Kat & I pay for the majority of the local shows we attend and the cost are adding up. We have no sponsors to help us meet our costs.

How do we help?

We Find shows, connect bands with promoters and booking agents, Radio Air Play of the band’s music (On other stations besides Kat’s Metal Litter Box Canadian Rock & Metal Radio), Connect bands with other bands, Finding new members for bands, Finding Press Contacts and much more.
Please help us support Great Rock & Metal Bands.

 If you like what we are doing please give a small or large donation. It’s up to you and by donating you are helping us help Rock and Metal Bands.

Thank You for your support and help us reach our goal

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