Death Perception

City: Hamilton
Rep: Nathan Fraser
Phone:  289-698-6522
Band Name: Death Perception
Style: Thrash/Death Metal
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Death Perception started as thrash/groove metal band in the veins of Pantera/Megadeth. With several member changes the band evolved into a black/death metal group with influences such as Lamb of God, Behemoth, King Crimson, and Acid Bath.

Nathan Fraser began drumming in BC based band Slitsoul, and later, local rock metal band Toxic Valve and progressive metal band Paradise Falls before creating Death Perception in May 2012. Josh Billard began playing bass in Port Dover’s Scorched Earth, and later Paradise Falls, before joining Death Perception in July 2014. Ryan Martin began guitar/vocals in local black/death metal band Democide before his solo work and later joining Death Perception in March 2015. David Bowman began guitar/vocals in Listowel’s Mitochondria before joining Death Perception in Oct 2015.

Death Perception has two independent releases. Their self-titled album was recorded at XYZed Studios in Toronto and was released in March 2016. The song Stomach for a Spine was featured on the Wacken Metal Canada 2016 Compilation album. The follow-up “Ensuing the Insanity” was recorded at Paint it Black Studios in Palmerston and was released in December 2016.  Two singles, The Vermin and The Kill have been released for a third upcoming album, as well as a lyric video for The Kill.

Why book DP ?

Death Perception is a rising project from the industrial core of the ‘armpit’ of Ontario. Death Perception’s live performances and strong work ethic have created a reputation of no gimmicks, no bullshit intensity. The band has completed several mini-tours of the GTA and took the show internationally, playing in Cuba’s Holguin metal fest HG Metal. They have been known to deliver each time they hit the stage and are certainly a new heavy band to keep an eye out for in the near future! \m/