Act of Sin

Home Town: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada


Band Members

Nick Gauthier – Guitar, Vocals
Dave Readyhough – Guitar
James Benedetti – Bass, Vocals
Matt Paterson – Lead Vocals
Dylan Smith – Drums

If one were to attempt to describe the sound of Hamilton-born metal band Act of Sin, it could be either a very meandering explanation or direct and to the point. The more eloquent would be likely to describe a rich tapestry including the likes of thrash, groove, melodic death, hardcore, and grunge whilst the more blunt would be likely to describe the band in one word: Metal. It is this particular combination of sonic versatility and dedication to the roots of heavy metal that have allowed Act of Sin to establish themselves as one of the more versatile metal acts in Hamilton, and southern Ontario.

It is the musical influences and acceptance of each others ideas and influences that have allowed Dylan Smith (drums), James Benedetti (bass, vocals), Dave Readyhough (guitar), Nick Gauthier (guitar, vocals) and Matt Paterson (lead vocals) to grow into a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

After solidifying the lineup in late 2012, the band released a 3 song demo and began to play shows across southern Ontario. Over the next couple of years the sound of the band was refined and focused, and an emphasis was put on tight, energetic and engaging live performances.

Act of Sin is coming out of a busy year in 2015 – the first half of the year dominated by a string of shows culminating with appearances at Chaosfest in Hamilton and the Kitchener Metalfest in May. The band then recorded the song ‘Broken Wing Syndrome’ at School House Studios in Dundas, Ontario. This song was released in November of 2015 and a music video was filmed in the same month prior to playing at Pitfest in Toronto at the end of the month.

Big plans are in the works for 2016 – starting with the release of the ‘Broken Wing Syndrome’ music video on New Years Day alongside the song being available for digital download on numerous sites. In April of 2016, Act of Sin will be returning to School House Studios to record an EP.