Crone Of War

Hometown: Sudbury, Ontario

Band Members

Craig Moggy – Vocals/Bass
Joe Greco – Guitar
Dylan Nantais – Percussion

Crone of war is a brand new, three pieces, progressive metal band, located in the frigid north region of Sudbury, ON.
With seven originals already on the playlist and a few more in the works, these guys are working hard towards adding some new sound for all of those who share in their metal passion.
Before i go on any further, i would like to introduce you to this tight band of metal brothers.
Joe Greco – Joe is a guitar shredding machine. Producing some of the craziest riffs (also known to the guys as Joeisms) Joe adds a powerful presence and presents you with a wall of sound, that will knock you off your feet. If ever given the chance, don’t forget to ask about his Dime Bag dive bombs(something about flicking boogers and F-bombs).
Craig Moggy – Craig has a voice chalked full of gruff, a full head of head moshing hair and a hard core love for bass slapping(that he has to keep to a minimum because Joe is not a huge fan) haha Hair or no hair, Craig is sure to get you up on your feet, moshing right alongside with him.
Dylan Nantais – Last but certainly not least, the newest and youngest member of the band. Dylan’s drumming skills will rock your metal senses. This kid has proven himself over and over again, while still maintaining a perfect posture. With a drum solo, in the making, i promise you, that you will not be disappointed. (No he is not Mexican but he sure loves his tacos).