Hometown: Walkerton, Ontario

Band Members

Joe Mullen – Drums
Bo Louther – Guitars
Marc Dobson – Guitars
Jake Fortney – Bass
Andrew Fullerton – Vocals

Odium is a metal band from Hanover, Ontario, Canada. With over a decade of hard work writing original music and playing live shows, they have made themselves
heard across Canada, as well as gained some international recognition. They are always looking for new ways to utilize dark and full themes within their material.
Enduring a recent vocalist change, Odium released two singles and got straight to writing and recording a new album. Since they are all employed full-time it was a
tough process but it would seem nothing could get in the way of the new creativity and freedom that was felt by each member. Their visions lie mainly in the love for
writing and arranging metal music, and of course the live performance and community aspect of being on the road. Influences range very widely from death
metal to classic rock, which gives a more diverse outcome to their music.

Website: http://odium1.bandcamp.com