Hometown: Toronto, Ontario

Band Members

Nicholas Klaus – Bass and Vocals
Liam Maguire – Lead Guitar
Bas Von Bismark – Drums

Hailing from the frigid bowels of Ontario Canada, this Toronto metal trio, known as AxMinister, will always push and be true to who they are; to be on the sharp edge lyrically and musically, as well as theatrically on stage. Nicholas Klaus conjured Bas von Bismark from covens of old, and since 2008, this rhythm section forged their sound, never compromising their vision for the like-minded guitarist to complete this unholy triangle; summoned from the industrial bowels of Etobicoke Ontario, the talented Liam Maguire proved to be the right six string guitar slinger; the trifecta complete, AxMinister was unleashed! Since 2013, AxMinister has performed all around Ontario supporting a plethora of acts, developing a reputation as a band with a sense of humour, and a hard thrashing set; we aim to entertain!