Unbowed – New CD “Through Endless Tides” is in Rotation at Kat’s Metal Litter Box Rock & Metal Radio

Unbowed was originally founded in 2011 as a studio-project comprised of Ioan Tetlow (vocals) and Alex Snape (guitar); at the time being just high school kids. Unbowed has self-released two EPs, two full-length albums, and toured throughout Ontario and Québec. Since Unbowed’s humble beginnings, the band’s trajectory has been geared towards releasing epic full length albums and touring across Europe and the rest of the world. Now that the band is comprised of a full line-up of likeminded musicians with the introduction of Steven Rowlands (guitar), Julian Dutton (drums), and Aiden Watkinson (bass), the band is taking the steps to make that ideal trajectory a reality. Through Endless Tides is Unbowed’s most recent and most ambitious output. With this release, the band found a way to naturally represent their wide array of inspirations; allowing them to manifest into a sound that is entirely and uniquely their own. Unbowed is music about acknowledging and tackling the hardships provided by the human condition. We all witness and experience strife and adversity at an alarming rate in this age. Unbowed is about wading through the transitory aspects of life and preserving what is true, what keeps us ambitious, and what keeps us united.


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