Abysseral Throne

Hometown: Moncton New Brunswick,

Band Members:

Jonny Rains – Guitar & Vocals
Rob Dwyer – Guitar
Matt LeBlanc – Bass Guitar
Sean Hickey – Drums & Vocals

Since their inception, ABYSSERAL THRONE has worn every genre of metal proudly on their backs, while still maintaining a recognizable sound of their own. The bands sole intention: To bring forth the monstrosity suppressed within. From punishingly fast rhythmic sections to bright and captivating dual guitar harmonies, the desirable traits of heavy metal are brought forth to full effect. This is most apparent on the bands newest release, “Storming the Black Gate”, an EP carefully constructed to individually touch upon different aspects of metal, while also conveying the bands varied archive of influences.

Born from the glacial winter of 2012 in a small town near Moncton New Brunswick, Abysseral Throne wasted no time presenting themselves to the East Coast audiences, playing every show they could, eventually with notable acts throughout the world. By the end of the year they were in studio recording their first full length “Reflections Enthroned”, which released in July of 2013. The album was recorded at Superbob Studios in Moncton with Kyle McDonald (ZAUM, Shevil) engineering, mixing and mastering the project. Since then, the band has consciously evolved, recruiting key members, guiding them to new levels of songwriting and expectations, shown fully throughout the bands newest creation.

“Storming The Black Gate” was recorded at Pumpk’n Patch Studios in Memramcook, New Brunswick by acclaimed east coast engineer and mixer, Danny Bourgeois and mastered by Mike Bourgeois. Containing 5 tracks that individually touch upon various genres of Metal music. From the more traditional New Wave of British Heavy Metal sound all the way to the gritty presence of Death Metal, the bands newest effort explores new grounds while still retaining their trademark blackened sound.

Website: www.abysseralthrone.bandcamp.com