Hometown: Toronto, Ontario

Band Members

Will Patterson – Production Lead Vocals.
Robin Howe – Cello.
Rob Holden – Guitar
Oscar Rangel – Music/Production Guitar/Backing Vocals/Growls.
Wojtek Sokolowski – Bass/Backing Vocals.
J.J. Tartaglia – Drums.
Kirsti Heitz – Extra Credits:Lyrics/Music

It all started a few years back as a side project from the power metal band Adllivyttumm. While playing concerts in regional tours around Mexico and studying music at the University of Guadalajara, Oscar Rangel started to compose his own style of music based on his different influences.

After many years of hard work in composing a multitude of songs that surpassed the musical purpose of Adllivyttumm, everything started to make sense. Since the music started to roam into other styles than that of Oscar Rangel’s former band, he decided to leave the limits of the musical instrumentation and style of composition he faced. He then dedicated his talent and creativity in expressing his thoughts and emotions through his own music and created this project.

Around spring of 2008 Kirsti Heitz appeared in the picture, giving the music all the lyrical power and epic feeling that Oscar always wanted but could never achieve.

In June of 2009 Oscar moved his project to Toronto and started to record the first rough demo under the band name “Masquerade at the Opera”, production called “Winter Nightmare”. Named after the cold winter of that year that influenced the composition of most of the songs.

Later in 2011 Masquerade at the Opera changed to Operus and with this change a bigger production is taking place called after the former name of the band.

November 2012: Guitarist Brittany Dasilva and Drummer Broderick Archer joined the lines of Operus.

October 2013: Wojtek Sokolowski on bass, Robin Howe on Cello and Tara Mills on Vocals and Flute.

January 2014: After the formation stage, the band’s line up is solidified with Will Patterson (Vocals), Tara Mills (Flute/Vocals), Oscar Rangel (Guitar/Vocals), Robin Howe (Cello), Wojtek Sokolowski (Bass/Vocals) and Alan Madhavan (Drums).

November 2015: Operus released their debut EP titled “Opus I”.

December 2015: J.J. Tartaglia joins the band and takes up drumming duties.
Website: http://www.operusofficial.com/