Calling Chaos

Hometown: Waterloo, Ontario

Band Members

Donovan – Drums
Schlitty/Andy Marttala – Guitars
Matt – Bass/Backing Vocals
Nick – Vocals

Calling Chaos is a heavy metal band from Waterloo, Ontario, Canada that was first formed in May of 2012. After releasing a small demo they decided they wanted to take the band in a different direction. Then with some line up changes, and a bit of time off from live shows they put together a permanent line up and enough material for a full album. Best way to describe CC is that they are a blended style with many influences coming from all over the map. Some of those include but aren’t limited to: Lamb of God, The Haunted, Soilwork, Unearth, After The Burial, Machine Head, Pantera, Slayer, Destrage and also by beer.

Check them out, tune in, have a drink and drop them a line with any questions or just to stay high! Stay metal, friends.