Nothing Left For Tomorrow

Hometown: London, Ontario

Band Members

Justin Holmes – Rhythm Guitar
Yasmina – Vocals
J-Rad Sterling – Drums
Pat Dwyer – Bass

Nothing Left For Tomorrow was formed in London, Ontario, Canada from the ashes of London’s own crossover heavies A.C.O.A. Starting in 1997 A.C.O.A. began spreading their own brand of heavy metal and by 2003, with over 100 shows under their belt, A.C.O.A. decided to change their name and replace their lead singer. This can often spell certain doom for many bands, however the band only grew stronger at their craft and currently have the strongest line up to date.

Nothing Left For Tomorrow are a band that has been influenced and inspired from many sub-genres of Rock N’ Roll. With their roots in Thrash Metal of the 80’s, they have absorbed the sounds of guitar driven music created from then until now. From the early beginnings of Thrash, Death, Southern California Punk “Social Punk”, Power Metal, Black Metal and Alternative Hard Rock, Nothing Left For Tomorrow has taken inspiration from these genres creating a sound all of their own.
Nothing Left For Tomorrow are constantly evolving and progressing at the art of writing and recording heavy music that contains hook, melody and aggression. Combining these elements and bringing the songs to the live stage is where the N.L.F.T. experience comes full circle. Nothing Left For Tomorrow bring a tight and pounding rhythm section with energy and heart plus original lead guitar work with passion and emotion.

Combined with a very moving and heavy mellow, Nothing Left For Tomorrow are the sound of Thrash today and the soundtrack to the lives of this generation’s heavy metal worshipers.