Darkstone Crows

Hometown: Mississauga, Ontario

Band Members

Chanel Martins – Lead Vocals
Jiv Marshall – Rhythm Guitar
Nick Sawicki – Lead Guitar
Russ Shipman – Bass/Vocals
Matt Skypas – Drums

Darkstone Crows are a groove-infused melodic metal band native to Mississauga, Ontario and have been taking the Greater Toronto Area music scene by storm since 2014. With dual guitars, crushing rhythm and insightful lyrics thanks to one of the band’s founders Jiv Marshall all while powerhouse vocals croon and command from front-woman Chanel Martins, these ladies set out to impress and stun with abilities far beyond their age. Accompanied by bassist Russ Shipman (another lyricist of Darkstone Crows), guitarist Nick Sawicki, and drummer Matt Skypas, this quintet is a seamless live lineup that is stage worthy to anyone present at their shows. With the release of their debut self titled EP in 2015 produced by Sean Gregory at The Recording House they have been catching the attention of metal, female voice, and rock fans locally and are now expanding on an international scale. The future holds plenty for this youthful band as they continuously exhibit raw and aggressive song writing that is paving the path to their own original sound. With their unwavering dedication in composition and to their live performances the sky is the limit for the Darkstone Crows.

Website: http://darkstonecrows.wix.com/darkstone-crows