Red Handed Denial

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario

Band Members

Lauren Babic,
Tyson Dang
Chris Mifsud
Aleksei Perepelitsa
Dominick De Kauwe

RED HANDED DENIAL is making waves and melting faces in the modern music scene. This progressive metal band from Toronto, Ontario, Canada has been working hard to produce music that will leave an unforgettable impression in both your headphones and on stage. With passion for their craft, energy in their performances and a unique charm, RED HANDED DENIAL is driven towards a strong, refined sound.

The band is fronted by Lauren Babic, a vocalist with distinct and soulful melodies contrasted by her unforgiving growls. Also a YouTube personality, she covers a variety of metal, rock and pop songs for over 50,000 subscribers and collaborates with other artists like Cole Rolland, Andrew Baena, Eric July, Jordan Harris, K Engonio and others. Guitarists Aleksei Perepelitsa and Chris Mifsud play with conviction and flexible fingers as they colour their powerful compositions with catchy riffs and intriguing chords. RHD’s newest member, bassist Dominick De Kauwe is a seasoned jazz musician who fills the void on the lower end. His strong and well-defined bass lines are what keep the listeners nodding their head. Completing the diverse five-piece, drummer Tyson Dang hits hard with ear-piquing fills and rhythms.

RED HANDED DENIAL made their first move in 2009 with their debut EP “Eyes and Liquid Skies”, which launched the band towards a promising future. Continuing the momentum of their success, 2013 saw the release of their debut full-length album “Stories of Old” widely acclaimed by fans for its proclivity of blurring genre boundaries. Returning with a mature and focused sound in 2015, the band released their newest single “Collector.”  Part of an upcoming concept EP due in 2016, their single “Collector” showcases the growth and rebranding of the band as they prepare their strongest release to date.