Fallen Heirs

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario

Band Members

Tim Shaw – Lead Vox l
Jay Sayne – Lead Guitar l
Phily Dee – Bass l
Brandon Smiley – Drums l

Fallen Heirs is a Canadian hard rock band formed in Toronto, Ontario in 2011 consisting of Singer Tim Shaw, Lead Guitarist Jay Sayne, Bassist Phily Dee and Drummer Brandon Smiley. Their first self titled (Black) EP was released in June of 2013. After landing their 2014 single “Wake Up’ in the official Don Cherrys Rock Em Sock Em DVD, the band was hot off the studio having just cut their latest release ‘Eyes Wide Open’ and unleashed it to a packed Horseshoe Tavern in November 2015.
Working relentlessly to bring forth the highest quality of Rock and Roll to hit the scene in years, Fallen Heirs are making a name for themselves on the Toronto music scene selling out venues such as Tattoo Rock Parlor, The Hideout and Bovine Sex Club just to name a few, with a list of upcoming events that will surely be something to look out for

Website: http://www.fallenheirs.com