Death Perception

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Hometown: Hamilton, Ontario

Band Members

Kyle Young – Vocals
Ryan Martin – Lead and Rhythm Guitars
David Bowman – Rhythm and Lead Guitars
Josh Billard – Bass
Nathan Fraser – Drums

Formed at the core of the Earth before the dawn of time, in the year 2007 by the subterranean creatures, Bolg Grishnachk and Sahlti Snahkz. Death Perception’s uncanny chorales soon erupted from the depths and were augmented by the Deep-Space Laser Miner: Mnemic Znemic, and the Cosmic Hippie, Trhurshth Guohl.

Sahlti Snahkz inexplicably vanished in 2014 (likely due the outbreak of Ebola). After the first public dismemberment ceremony, they were annexed by Satanic Warlord Hretscha Bhagin and Nether-realm Banshee Xancha Rhada.

Eons later, in the year 2015, Bolg Grishnachk descended back into the underworld to fornicate with the mutant offspring of Chthulhu. Freed from his clutches, the remaining four members enlisted the unfathomable sonic terrorism tactics employed by a being known only as “The Archer.”