Aron Scott Earthquake

Hometown: Summerside, Prince Edward Island


Band Members

Aron Scott – Guitars and Lead Vocals
Yves Arsenault – Drums and Backup Vocals
Aaron Einfeld – Guitar and Backup Vocals
Jeff Smith – Bass

EARTHQUAKE is borne from the 1970’s rock n roll ethic but is not a retro record or an imitation of days-gone-by, but a modern collection of hard rock-n-roll songs that are imbued with that much longed for spirit so lacking in much modern music.

The driving force behind EARTHQUAKE is the attitude, fun and honest party esthetic of the great arena rock acts. As much a fan as a player, Aron Scott creates the kind of music he wants to hear, real Rock N Roll.

The kind of Rock N Roll that makes you throw your hands up and scream at the top of your lungs with lusty, beery glory and feel good and feel strong and feel the earth, quaking under your feet.