SkullsnBones Premiere New Video From Horror Metal MALACODA; New EP ‘Ritualis Aeterna’ Out Now!

SkullsnBones Premiere New Video From Horror Metal MALACODA; New EP ‘Ritualis Aeterna’ Out Now!

L-R – Brad Casarin (Guitar), Mike Harshaw (Drums), Lucas Di Mascio (Vocals), Cooper Seldom (Bass), Jonah Weingarten (Keyboards)
Credit: Gary Kuiper of The Laundry Design Works

Canadian horror inspired symphonic power metallers MALACODA (named after a demon from Dante’s ‘Divine Comedy’) unleashed their new six track EP ‘Ritualis Aeterna’ this past December. The EP is the follow up to their well-received 2014 self-titled debut album. Packed with dark atmosphere, originality and innovation, this is gothic power metal for the 21st century with intelligence and intensity to rival that of their infernal inspirations.

Teaming up with, the ghouls of MALACODA are premiering a new video for their track ‘There Will Be Always One’, which captures their behind the scenes time in studio recording‘Ritualis Aeterna’.

Vocalist Lucas Di Mascio comments:

“There Will Always Be One is probably our thrashiest track. This song has a lot of anger behind it, and it’s dedicated to those who have gotten in the way of the band and made our journey more difficult. Trust me- it’s not an honor to have us write a song about you!”

To view the video, please visit the following link: 

‘Ritualis Aterna’ is now available digitally on iTunes and on CD at plus can be heard in full stream at

The band’s previously released music video ‘Penny Dreadful’, which was inspired by the since canceled Showtime TV show along with paying homage to classic horror films can be viewed at

1. Penny Dreadful (5:34)
2. I Got A Letter (4:37)
3. Pandemonium (3:39)
4. The Wild Hunt (4:20)
5. Linger Here (2:23)
6. There Will Always Be One (3:47)
EP Length: 24:24

For more info, please visit:


Taking their name from a demon from Dante’s ‘Divine Comedy’, Malacoda’s dark gothic vision is indeed divine but no laughing matter.

As band leader Lucas, who studied Literature and Religion at University explains: ‘Malacoda was the name of a very minor character in the book, a fallen angel who flies around with a small army of demons torturing helpless souls in Hell. From a literary perspective, I found it interesting that he wasn’t merely an evil creature being tortured for his sins, but was given free reign to do what he pleases and takes it upon himself to torture other wicked souls in the spiritual prison that is Dante’s Inferno. I wanted a powerful name that fit not only the sound of the band but also the lyrical themes I touch upon. I wanted something dark, but not something that would be blatantly devilish sounding. The name translates roughly in Italian to ‘Cruel Tail’ and most people don’t see it and think “this band is named after a demon” and see it as something more romantic sounding.’

Like the ‘Inferno’ that inspired their name they forge metal without limits in sonic shapes endless and horrifying in equal measure. Malacoda’s music vision shares much in common with Dante’s, they are unafraid to gaze into the abyss, unafraid to be inspired by the myriad of human horrors within and without. They are not blind to the worlds within them waiting to be born.

Malacoda are about to follow their well-received self-titled debut with the horror-themed ‘Ritualis Aeterna’, which enters this world on December 2, 2016. Festive it most certainly isn’t, magnificent it certainly is. Full of dark atmosphere, originality and innovation, this is gothic power metal for the 21st century, intelligence and intensity to rival that of their infernal inspirations!

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