Demolition Rage Nov 2016 Band of the Month

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario

Band Members

George Petkovski – Vox
Fabio LaRocca – Guitar
Cam Cathcart – Drums
Kevin Brazolo – Bass

Demolition Rage started out as a recording project band a meeting of minds and creativity a wide variety of influences and styles coming together experimenting with sounds and the uniqueness of each individual player that came a added their personal feel and touch to the recording project. The Project manager so too speak is Fabio. He wanted to bring a lot of his creative ideas to life and see what kind of creation would come of it but he didn’t want it to be of one singular influence from himself he wanted other musicians he has played with over the years to add their creative input and their ideas. Out of the accumulation of these creative musicians was the birth of the cd now know as Murder by numbers and NO ROOM FOR SILENC



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