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SLUDGEHAMMER are now ready to pummel the masses with their new album “Antechamber” ready to destroy eardrums as of April 12, 2019. Heavy and groovy, the Toronto quintet delivers the goods with astounding precision and the confidence of a world-class band. Fans around the world, especially those with an ear for Decapitated, Pantera, Lamb Of God, and Cannibal Corpse can dig into this slice of groovy progressive melodic death brutality.

The band comments:

”This has been 3 years in the making. More blood, sweat, tears and passion went into this album than any of our previous releases. It almost killed us, but in the end, all the hard work was worth it. We made something that we enjoy listening to from front to back and now finally we get to share it with the world. In our opinion, that’s what it’s all about. Providing an entertaining and hardcore escape for everyone to experience.”

“Antechamber” is available for download and streaming on the following platforms:

Music Video – “Climatic Death”

Metalheads moshing in Ontario and Quebec will be able to experience the SLUDGEHAMMER madness live on the following dates:

April 12 – Toronto, ON – Coalition T.O
April 13 – Hamilton, ON – Club Absinthe
April 19 – Montreal, QC – Piranha Bar
April 20 – Ottawa, ON – Café Dekcuf
April 27 – Kitchener, ON – Boathouse
May 3 – Brantford, ON – Our Place
May 11 – London, ON – Old East 765

Track Listing:
1. No Control (5:08)
2. Broken Sea (5:09)
3. Climatic Death (5:02)
4. Forsaken Souls (4:41)
5. Balance Of Life (5:00)
6. The Long Road (5:02)
7. Eternal Darkness (4:10)
8. Supernova Silhouette (8:37)
9. Line ‘Em Up (4:11)
Album Length: 47:04

For More Info:


Since the release, their first full-length album, The Fallen Sun, Sludgehammer from Toronto, Canada have been riding a wave of great reviews for the record as well as their live show.

Originally formed in 2013 by Jeff Wilson (guitar) and Fernando Villalobos (drums), Sludgehammer’s initial lineup came together with the addition of Daniel Ayers (vocals/bass) and Christopher Szarota (vocals). By the end of the year, they released a demo which gained considerable ground. 2014’s EP Organ Harvester introduced Dan Ayers as a co-vocalist, creating a unique sound that molded Sludgehammer into the heavy and groovy band it is today.

In 2016, the LP The Fallen Sun was released; fast and chunky it was well received by fans and the media. Unfortunately, after the release of that album, the band parted ways with Szarota and Josh Stephney was brought on board to complete the album cycle.

With the lineup finalized, Sludgehammer hit the road and laid waste to every stage they set foot on, showing their fans that they were now stronger than ever. After a few successful tours in support of The Fallen Sun, it was time to start writing the next record which will be the first to feature Stephney on vocals. Sludgehammer is preparing to show their maturity by unleashing a second monstrous album “Antechamber” in 2019.

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“Demonstrates all aspects of brutal music” – Heavy New York

“Enjoy almost 50 minutes of top-of-the-line melodic, furious and electrifying Groove Metal, courtesy of five Canadian metallers armed with their amazing sophomore album.” – Antichrist Mag

“Sludgehammer doesn’t fit neatly into the traditional death or groove metal box, as its diverse elements sets it apart from its peers… hooky riffs, catchy choruses and a perfect clean/growled vocal combination… Sludgehammer possesses loads of potential. Highly recommended!” – Bravewords

“This is how gifted SLUDGEHAMMER as a band is, even with only a demo, EP and now LP under their belts. On their own, they’re a devastating DIY metal band. With a contract in-hand, they’re gonna become unstoppable.” – Blabbermouth

““Demons From the Woodwork”. It’s a jolting, high-octane, full-throttled romp that incorporates elements of thrash, death metal, and head-slugging groove — and it’s an infectious beast that Sludgehammer have unchained.” – No Clean Singing

“Sludgehammer have a great way of infusing groove into their sound. Not nearly enough of that in death metal these days” – CJSF – Metal Meltdown

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