Big Motor Gasoline New Album “The Way Things Used To Be” is in Rotation at Kat’s Metal Litter Box Rock & Metal Radio

It’s been four years since BigMotorGasoline entered the music scene with the debut of “Fuel to Burn”. “Fuel” hit the airwaves of the world from Canada to the United States, Australia, South Africa, Germany, Spain, and the United Kingdom. Airplay on streaming radio in the UK brought this Peterborough based band more exposure in Rock & Metal Magazine. In the USA, “Dirty Politician” hit a chord with radio across the country during the elections of 2016, with more releases from FTB, making the airwaves. Leadoff single, “Vodka” followed by “Lately” proved popular in Iowa, Colorado, Arizona, Massachusetts, Michigan, Georgia and California. “BYOT”, an album track, hit the number two spot on the year end music charts at CJIM Radio in Montreal. BigMotorGasoline made a dent on the music scene, prompting reviews like these……

Fast Forward to 2020 As the world has changed, so have things with BMG. Two member changes, countless rehearsals, and finally new songs without sacrificing the trademark BigMotorGasoline sound. All this resulting in “The Way Things Used To Be”. Solid feel good music, southern rock feel, and the same kind of music you want to hear while driving in your car, riding your Harley, or cranking up to eleven with your friends. Throughout the tracks, you’ll detect the fun times the boys had making this CD. Stronger lyrics escaping the traditional theme of love lost and conquered to upbeat, reflective, and party themed tunes like “Raise A Whiskey”, “Who I Am”, “Feelin’ Alright” and many more. Most of all, BigMotorGasoline produced a song and video that everyone can relate to, “The Way Things Used To Be”. Hope you enjoy the tunes! And hey! Check out the video on YouTube, and check out all the music on Spotify! BigMotorGasoline
John Freitas – Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar Roger Dafoe – Lead Guitar Dave Brown – Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals Sterling Dale – Drums and Percussion


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