Without Mercy – Songs are in Rotation at Kat’s Metal Litter Box Rock and Metal Radio

Founded in 2004, Without Mercy has gone from strength to strength over the years. They released
their first EP “All Else Fails” in 2007 completely independently and used its humble beginnings to start
the catapulting of performances, internet presence and radio play. In 2009, Without Mercy went on to
record their self-titled full length album using the same team that worked on records by Devin Townsend,
Mudvayne, and Marilyn Manson. Without Mercy rode the attention wave of their self-titled debut,
using the escalation to begin a relentless performance schedule that would lead them far from their
hometown and include over 200 live performances. No stranger to tenacity, in only a few short years
Without Mercy have achieved; being the only indie metal band in Western Canada to have two tracks
available on Rock Band 3, being featured in Tattoo Savage Magazine, and pioneering the phrases,
‘You Smell Like A Bitch’ and ‘Fuck Pussy Metal’ – which have now become synonymous with the band.
In 2014, Without Mercy unleashed third studio release, “Reborn”. Another massive evolution for the
band, Without Mercy sought to bring back the organic metal sound and combine it with a high
production standard. Fast forward to 2016, the band is ready to share their new EP ‘Mouichido’ that even features Chimaira vocalist Mark Hunter on their track ‘In Waves’.

Website: http://www.withoutmercyband.com/

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