VANTABLACK WARSHIP Video Premiere “Another Dead Rockstar” via IDIOTEQ New Album “Abrasive Pulmonic Speak” Due Out Jan 26th Montreal CD Launch Show Feb 10th @ Katacombes

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VANTABLACK WARSHIP Video Premiere “Another Dead Rockstar” via IDIOTEQ

New Album “
Abrasive Pulmonic Speak” Due Out Jan 26th

Montreal CD Launch Show Feb 10th @ Katacombes

L-R – Yannick Pilon – Vocals / Pierre Pitre – Drums / Kurt Clifford – Bass / Thierry Hivon – Guitar / Pat Gordon – Guitar
Photo Credit: Wayne William Archibald

Once again, Canada’s molten cauldron of metal, its crucible of carnage, spews forth a new release from one of its fine bands, the splendidly named VANTABLACK WARSHIP. Formed by veterans of the Quebec metal scene (Arseniq33, Ghoulunatics, Brutal Chérie, Foreshadow, Les Ékorchés, Buffalo Theory Mtl), this Montreal quintet conjures up images of a neon black pirate ship come to wage a metal storm on an unsuspecting Earth.

Metal legend Tony Dolan, AKA The Demolition Man of Venom Inc. recently described VANTABLACK WARSHIP as a “Cool Slayer”.

The band’s new album “Abrasive Pulmoic Speak” due out on January 26th, 2018 features eight tracks of just solid riffage from heavy hardcore speed demon ripping to sludgy down tunes all applied with dirty in your face vocals ready to destroy with its moshpit anthems.

Guitarist Pat Gordon comments:

“Abrasive Pulmonic Speak”, the title of our album is a testimony to the harshness of our lyrics and music. They are pretty hardcore! But it also refers to the title track, which is based on the works of Henry Miller. He was expatriated for some of his earlier works that he put into print that at those times people never dared say out loud.  We are trying to channel that but from another an angle which is the stereotype that comes with metal music, which, quite frankly is tired. We have metalheads that are well into their 60s and 70s today. It’s annoying that people see us as a subculture when in fact we are a very legitimate culture.”

Teaming up with, VANTABLACK WARSHIP is sharing their next video “Another Dead Rockstar”, a track lyrically written from a firsthand perspective by a female mixed martial arts fighter and her graphic accounts in the ring.

The band comments:

“Another Dead Rockstar is a term coined by the band to describe a certain breed of musician who continues to chase the dream of stardom but ends up sowing a path of disrepute and shame.”

Watch “Another Dead Rockstar” at the following link: 

“Abrasive Pulmonic Speak” is available for pre-order at the following link here.

Music Video – “Blood On The Mat” –

2nd Album Teaser:

1st Album Teaser:

For those in the Montreal area, VANTABLACK WARSHIP will be hosting their CD launch show on February 10th at Katacombes with Floating Widget and Dizzygoth. Details can be found here.

“Vantablack Warship is a destructive machine live. Something to do with the heaviness of the sound! It echoes the decibel breaking Motorhead was known for with their loud amps. We are straight to the point non-stop metal! No dawdling around on stage and useless banter. We set a good atmosphere and interrelate well with the crowd. Vantablack Warship to the max!”

Show Dates:
Feb 10 – Montreal, QC – Katacombes
Feb 17 – Valleyfield, QC – Bougaricci – info
April 14 – Sainte-Thérèse, QC – Monte Cristo

Track Listing:
1. Another Dead Rockstar (3:04)
2. Black Tongue Bertha (2:41)
3. Blood On The Mat (3:00)
4. Kill The Kid (2:44)
5. Ruderalis (2:26)
6. Abrasive Pulmonic Speak (2:57)
7. The Blackhole (2:52)
8. Crisis (4:57)
Album Length: 24:45

– Pat Gordon – Guitar
– Yannick Pilon – Vocals
– Thierry Hivon – Guitar
– Kurt Clifford – Bass
– Pierre Pitre – Drums

For more info:
(bio written by Steve Earles)

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