Tyler Gilbert – Song “Ghost Behind Your Mind” is in Rotation at Kat’s Metal Litter Box Rock & Metal Radio

Saskatchewan based rock group, Tyler Gilbert has always striven to be a voice for the overlooked, the ones who never quite fit in, the lone kid, the underdog. From his 2008 debut EP “Vos” to 5 albums later, none of his work has been more intentionally pointed at them more than his upcoming release “Underdog” (2019). Over the years his sound has evolved from a more folk sound to hard rock, which he brought in Mark Ennis on drums and Rob Dakiniewich on bass to deliver. They have done national tours of Canada and the USA from coast to coast, performed at countless major festivals, including the Ohio State Fair, Burlington’s Sound of Music, Canadian Country Music Award Festival, World Women’s Curling Championship, May Run Music Fest, Winnipeg Fringe Festival, International Folk Alliance and the Canadian Western Agribition; performed live on Global TV and CTV while their music hit the playlists of commercial, Sirius XM, online and college radio stations all across Canada, USA, UK and Australia.


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