Trigon – March 2017 Band of the Month


Hometown: Ottawa, Ontario

Band Members
Emanuel Viau – singer, bassist
Gus Sauvé  – guitarist
Corey Hall – drummer

Once Upon a Time a small quiet Village called Wendover there was an empty basement with a drum set ,guitar ,bass guitar and amp. With many musicians coming in and out of the basement some for fun some just to drink and some to have a break from their wife 3 of these many musician didn’t know that they were going to start this crazy band. For the guitar there was Gus Sauvé extremely talented pretty much could replicate noise and riff made out of a mouth , Corey hall for a drummer and old school style like Dave Grohl a real time keeper perfect tempo all the time and back up singer and Emanuel Viau for lead vocals and bassist always sliding up and doing on the bass with sweet, hard and smooth ear porn vocals 1 min sounding like James Hetfield and the other Micheal Poulsen bammm there it was Trigon was born. Why Trigon? Trigon was like a triangle 3 in 1 we were able to put 3 different style into 1 thats why the logo the Trigon beast with three pairs of eyes.

They our releasing there 1st album called (FED UP) at the end of the month. This album is about the day to day living in our society relationship, religion, diseases, losing loved ones and mistakes we make along the way. So you are guaranteed to relate to this album if you listen to it. It’s really important for Trigon to make their fans feel like there are part of the band and help them express themselves.


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