TheSludgelord Album Premiere Ottawa Doom LONGHOUSE ‘II: Vanishing’

TheSludgelord Album Premiere Ottawa Doom LONGHOUSE ‘II: Vanishing’

For Fans of Cult of Luna, High on Fire, Neurosis, Khemmis, Unearthly Trance

Photo Credit – Amber Erica

     Ottawa, ON doom metal trio LONGHOUSE has teamed up with TheSludgelord for the exclusive full stream premiere of their sophomore album “II: Vanishing” due out digitally on Friday, April 14th plus will be available on physical cassette via Sunmask Records June 2017 (date to be determined). “II: Vanishing” follows their 2015 debut album ‘Earth from Water’, a spiritual odyssey into the perseverance of the human spirit and the lessons we can learn from the natural world.

Returning to Wolf Lake Studios to record with Mike Bond (Loviatar, Norilsk, Arms of the Girl) once again as producer and engineer. “II: Vanishing” continues the pleasing progression of their debut while retaining the band’s core sound of heavy, intricate riffs, splashed with a touch of post-metal to guide you on a dark and visceral journey spanning nearly 40 minutes over five tracks.

Vocalist / bassist comments:

“II: Vanishing has a logical evolution that is evident in the composition, as well as production. I also think that fans should take a moment to reflect on some of themes that are threaded throughout the album. The bulk of my ideas musically and lyrically come from exploring Indigenous ways of knowing. I am Algonquin First Nations. My family’s community is Kitigan Zibi, outside of Maniwaki, QC. However, I grew up in the city, mostly detached from my culture. As a father, I have been trying to immerse myself in the stories, wisdom, and strength of our Elders, knowledge keepers and story tellers, so that I can pass that on to my daughters. Because this takes up so much space in terms of who I am, and who I am becoming, it plays a very large part in terms of influences I draw upon.”

“II: Vanishing” can be heard at the following link:

Along with album pre-order available at

Track Listing:
1. Hunter’s Moon (8:38)
2. Vanishing (6:13)
3. Blood And Stone (5:57)
4. No Name, No Marker (7:59)
5. The Vigil (10:06)

EP Length: 38:55


Marc Casey – Guitar
Joshua Cayer – Vocals / Bass
Mike Hache – Drums

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