SFD (Six Feet Deep) Interview

Q: What motivates you to record and release your music?

A: We’re motivated by the reception we get from fans, especially when we know that a song has some personal meaning that people can connect with.

Q: How would you describe your music to people that have never heard your music?

A: The best way to describe SFD is melodic hard rock with groove. We are heavy on the instrumental side but we are also the Anti-Cookie Monster!

Q: What bands do you listen too?

A: We listen to everything under the sun from old to current. Our major influences would be Disturbed, Godsmack, Alice In Chains, Sixx AM, Breaking Benjamin, Pop Evil, and just too many more to mention.

Q: How did you all meet to form this band?

A: Brad Black (Vox/guitar) is the only original founding member of the band (2002). Steven Scott was the bands third drummer who was hired halfway through the first song of his audition. Les Wheeler (Vox/Bass) and Brad Black met in a previous project in 2015. When the entire band quit on the singer Les quickly accepted an offer to help bring SFD back to the studio and live stage after a four year hiatus. The addition of Les Wheeler also gave Brad Black the writing partner he’d been looking for all these years.

Q: anything else you would like to add?

A: The band is currently in rehearsal for their first live show in 2016 when they take the stage at the Rockpile in Toronto with Lynch Mob. SFD has also been writing material for an upcoming EP that will be produced by Trevor Kustiak (Evans Blue and many more), mixed by Dan Korneff (Breaking Benjamin and tons of other artists currently on the active rock charts), and mastered by world famous engineer Ted Jensen at Stirling Sound (Hotel California and a gaziilion other records that have sold millions).

Despite a four year hiatus SFD continues to chart in the top 20 on many social sites and even had the top song worldwide for a week on the N1M Hard Rock Charts back in 2015.

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