Seven Snakes – New Album “Repossessed” is in rotation Kat’s Metal Litter Box Rock & Metal Radio

Seven Snakes brand of raw Hard Rock, is fueled by a driving rhythm section, cut throat guitar riffs and unforgettably powerful vocal hooks. In June of 2016, Seven Snakes started creating their own original progression, and the immediate chemistry was electric. The music is sure to make an impact with local fans of straight forward Hard Rock and music enthusiasts alike. In true Hard Rock tradition they reached back to their roots and influences that would shape the sound that is known to be edgy, loud with a “No Bull” attitude. The sound brings to life a grinding pulse that gives way to a straight-forward Hard Rock/Southern Metal tunes in the making, worthy of comparisons to any contemporary band touring the circuit. You wont be disappointed when you have a listen to Seven Snakes for the first time.

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