Saskatoon Extreme Noisemakers ADOLYNE Announce Canadian Tour Dates

Saskatoon Extreme Noisemakers ADOLYNE Announce Canadian Tour Dates

Performing At Sled Island Music Fest In Calgary June 24th & 25th

Saskatoon’s extreme noise rock brawlers ADOLYNE are proud to announce they will be performing show dates across Western Canada this summer (dates listed below), which includes two performances at this year’s Sled Island Music Festival in Calgary, AB on Friday, June 24th at the CFCR presents stage at Tubby Dog alongside respectfulchild, Waitress and The Switching Yard and Saturday, June 25th at The Palomino alongside Postman, Cocaine Eyes, BRASS and PEARS. Full details can be found here and at (other No List Records artists performing Anion June 24 info here, Moth & Locusts June 25th info here.)

The band is performing in support of their latest album ‘of Ash / of Shit / of Shame’ unleashed in 2015 via No List Records.

‘of Ash / of Shit / of Shame’ is available digitally on all major online retailers plus colored limited edition 12″ vinyl from No List Records here.Full Album Stream –

Music Video – The Knife Inside –

Tour Dates (more dates to be announced):

June 24 – Calgary, AB – Sled Island @ Tubby Dog w/ The Switching Yard, Waitress and Respecfulchild
June 25 – Calgary, AB – Sled Island @ The Palomino w/ Pears, Brass, Postman and Cocaine Eyes
July 21 – Edmonton, AB @ Filthy Mcnasties w/ The Weir, Falsehood, and Ringleader
July 22 – Saskatoon, SK @ Amigos w/ The Weir, A Ghost in Drag and Gerard Weber
July 23 – Winnipeg, MB @ The Handsome Daughter w/ The Weir, Dead Ranch, and Velodrome
July 24 – Regina, SK @ TBA

1. (A Recurring Zero) (1:48)
2. Deserts In My Blood (2:38)
3. The Knife Inside (3:24)
4. (Moist Pennies) (1:10)
5. Crown (4:31)
6. Automatic Writing (7:26)
7. Swallow The Black Pill (7:58)
8. Gnashing Of The Teeth (3:16)
9. When Guilt Is The Only Muse (2:54)
10. Brawler’s Fracture (9:05)
Album Length: 44:14

For more info, please visit


After a series of false-starts, unceremonious firings and infantile rows, Adolyne officially assembled about a dozen years ago as a means to keep warm through the endless prairie winter that they were either too dumb to abandon or stubborn to admit defeat to. Less a product of their surroundings than a direct reaction to artistic absences in their immediate vicinity, the band spent their initial years harnessing vulgar sonic philosophy and a reactionary base-level onslaught into one of the most incendiary live shows in Western Canada. Noise-rock petulance, post-hardcore abandon, and a spiraling metallic thrust collide violently in to an animal that is as much merciless volume worship as it is nightmarish existential crisis.

Adolyne incites an ugly musical knife fight between 90’s Noise mongers from the heavier end of the Amphetamine Reptile fold and the brooding sonic theorists of the Hydra Head Industries class, while assorted voices from the post-hardcore and math-rock crowds goad them on with unsavory and dangerous advice. For those who haven’t the time or stomach to be entirely educated on the background of this savage rumble though, journalist and filmmaker Craig Silliphant was best able to express what to expect from Adolyne in his review which warned “Adolyne is a cathartic, primal force that will tear down your soul and spit it in your face….. It’s usually a cliché to say something defies categorization, but I’ll take a punch in the face before I’ll offer a definitive description of the music that Adolyne makes. It’s best to just get the hell out of the way.

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