People have been asking whats is Kats Metal Litter Box all about

People have been asking whats is Kats Metal Litter Box all about.

We are a Father & My Daughter Kat that really enjoy the local Canadian Rock & Metal Scene.

We decided we want to help Local Canadian Rock & Metal Bands out.

You ask how do we do this? We provide an all in one site that features Canadian Rock & Metal Bands. We have many features to the site that bands & Fans can use. Music Event Calendar, Music Classifieds, News, Videos, Pictures, Radio Shows (This is a list of shows that play Canadian Content), Bands Bios (Have your Band listed for fans to view), Album Reviews, Chat Room (That anyone can use and we will use this for Music Chats with bands and other events), Playlists (We have lists from sites like Spotify & SoundCLoud which we put Local Canadian Rock & Metal Music Playlists for people to listen too your music), Band of the Month ( Our fun way of highlighting a band on our site and the fans vote) We have our own Online Radio Station that Plays Local Canadian & Metal Bands. (bands can submit music to us to add into rotation.

We have also helped bands with websites and put on a charity event and we also submit music to radio station on bands behalf to get them some air play. ask Aron Scott Earthquake who was played on 94.9 FM and also featured on their site and got 8k likes on their site or Engage The Threatwho was played on a online radio show and others.

This is what we do at Kats Metal Litter Box

Check us out at

Please share with other Canadian Bands and your friends that like Rock & Metal. Also feel free to use our site to promote your Rock or Metal bands as this site is for your use. Without your Music we don’t have a site.

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