Out Now! Prairie Brutality PLANET EATER Unleash New Album “Blackness From The Stars”

For fans of Morbid Angel, Gojira, Converge, Strapping Young Lad, Sepultura, Deftones, Neurosis

Out Now! Prairie Brutality PLANET EATER Unleash New Album “Blackness From The Stars”

L-R = Troy Bleich – Bass/Backing Vocals, Luc Hart – Guitar, Donovan Turner – Lead Vocals, Devin Ubell – Guitar, Nick Eichhorst – Drums

Photo Credit: Cierra Ubell

Regina, SK titans of brutality PLANET EATER return from the flat lands of Western Canada’s prairies to unleash their latest assault to the masses with their first full length “Blackness From The Stars” out now as August 4th to follow their 2015 self-titled debut EP. Blending thrash and death metal with crushing grooves and devastating vocals, PLANET EATER demonstrate hints of Morbid Angel, Converge and Bolt Thrower with elements of Sepultura, Strapping Young Lad and Gojira embedded at the core of their sound.

The album is now streaming in full at the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vxx4c_P2yJ8

and is available for order on the band’s on bandcamp: https://planeteater-sk.bandcamp.com/album/blackness-from-the-stars

Track Listing:
1. The Boats (3:19)
2. Pile of Bones (3:12)
3. Cold Confines (5:09)
4. Lies Evolution (3:24)
5. Suffer What They Must (4:20)
6. Kill On Sight (2:51)
7. A Fault To Fix (3:45)
8. The Spoil (6:21)
9. Blackness From The Stars (5:31)
Album Length: 37:56

PLANET EATER‘s intense and heavy live set can be seen this summer as the quintet will be bludgeoning for the third consecutive year Loud As Hell Fest in Drumheller, AB on August 5th with Battlecross, Aggression, Black Wizard, Eye of Horus and more.

Show Dates:
Aug 5 – Loud As Hell Fest – Drumheller, AB – info

Troy Bleich – Bass/Backing Vocals,
Luc Hart – Guitar
Devin Ubell – Guitar
Nick Eichhorst – Drums
Donovan Turner – Lead VocalsFor more info:
EPK – http://wp.me/pciNW-app



PLANET EATER takes their name from the original nemesis of humanity Galactus, the destroyer of worlds. PLANET EATER has risen from the barren prairies, spreading their influence into Western Canada as well as gaining recognition in parts of the US, UK and Russia.

Hailing from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, PLANET EATER is compromised of Luc Hart, (guitar), Donovan Turner, (vocals), Troy Bleich (bass /vocals) Devin Ubell (guitar) and Nick Eichhorst (drums).

In Jan of 2015 Luc Hart recorded and PLANET EATER released their first self titled EP.  This album made significant waves with its unpredictable blend of death, thrash, groove, progressive riffing. Using the album as a tool, PLANET EATER earned slots on numerous festivals across western Canada in 2015-16. These festivals included Loud as Hell, Armstrong Metal Fest, Calgary Metal Fest, ShrEdmonton Metal Fest, Manitoba Metal Fest and Metal Wizard Fest with many shows in between.

Using an aggressive and unique approach to merchandising and marketing PLANET EATER continues to leave its mark wherever it travels. These merchandise sales help finance the many tours across Canada, including their first music video, Burn It to The Ground off their self titled 2015 release. Garnering thousands of views, Burn It To The Ground continues to spread the word of the PLANET EATER.

PLANET EATER used these festivals and numerous shows to gradually hone their sound and define their identity as the band they are today. In winter of 2016 PLANET EATER returned to the studio to begin recording the follow up full length release, Blackness From The Stars. Blackness From the Stars delves deeper into the initial styles of the band, incorporating a percussive and primal natures while creating dark, layered, and atmospheric grooves.

With a new album in tow for release on August 4th, 2017, PLANET EATER descends yet again into the heart of Western Canada to wreak havoc and debauchery. Slated to play numerous dates including Armstrong Metal Festival and Load as Hell for the third consecutive year, PLANET EATER is poised to make waves in 2017 and beyond.

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