Online Interview with French Metal Band Nova Spei

Hometown Trois-Rivieres, Quebec
What motivates you to record and release your music? To be a different FRENCH metal band, with a sound we don’t ear everywhere around. Doing it for pleasure and not being in competition with any other band around.
How would you describe your music to people that have never heard it? A kind of HardRock vocal mixed with scream, supported by a mix of 8strings guitar as rythm and a 6strings guitar for the lead. Bassman really prog style. A mix you can’t ear all around. We like to compare ourself to Deftones. Not for the sound, not at all. But for the fact that we are hard to fit in a unique style but the band can fit with any type of style around with no problem.
Band Influences Deftones, Meshuggah, Tesseract, Monuments, Periphery, In Flames, Nine Inch Nails, Dream Theather, Seether, 10 Years, KMFDM, Ministry, etc etc
What bands do you listen too? Pretty much the same as the influence, But do listen way more style such as Rap, Classic Rock, Industrial, Punk, Prog, Hardcore, Deathcore, Alternative, etc
How did you all meet to form this band? DanyS and Normand knew each other from an old band back in 1999 called Legion. DanD and Nicolas knew each other from an old band called Aleanor. Both Duo get together when DanyS and Normand decided to move the band to a local town called Trois-Rivieres. Laterm Gabriel joined the band and everything started to click easily. Gab added a technical side to the band.
Anything else you would live to add? Single Les Vivants-Morts is out over internet. Album is coming for 2017.

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