Online Interview with At Dawn’s Edge

Band Name: At Dawn’s Edge


Hometown: Toronto

Band Members:

Alexandru Oprea – Guitars
Matt Ozzy – Guitars
Jacob Bechard – Drums
Ashavari Joshi – Vocals

What motivates you to record and release your music?: The pure love of the music. It’s impossible to contain all of our musical ideas and bottle them up. The constant flow of inspiration provides us with all the motivation we need to record our ideas, and the passion and pride we have for them naturally urges us to share them with the world!

How would you describe your music to people that have never heard it?: Our music is symphonic metal with an emphasis on complex rhythms, melodic vocals and electronic elements.

Band Influences: We’re most influenced and inspired by music of other ethnic cultures and their unique instrumentation. Seeking the underlying truth in things propels our lyrical inspiration.

What bands do you listen too?: Monuments
In Flames
Devin Townsend

How did you all meet to form this band?: We met through school and through the Toronto metal community.



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