Obscure Illusions – Self Titled Album is in Rotation at Kat’s Metal Litter Box Rock & Metal Radio

The band was formed more than a decade ago when 2 childhood friends Alain(guitar) and Julien(guitar) started playing music together. Along the way came Christian (drums) and Fred (bass) who all together helped mold the unique sound that we know from the band today!The group is influenced by a wide variety of bands and styles of music going from punk music to metal music meeting classic rock,hard rock,power metal and even prog rock along the way to create a hybrid metal band with all those influences mixed into their original songs.Their music is as dynamic as it comes with a twin guitar attack of leads and harmonies reminiscent of Iron Maiden/Judas Priest/Iced Earth,a pounding bass guitar to bust your eardrums and fast-punching,rapid fire drums to accompany them along the way.

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