Out Now! THIS GUN FOR HIRE Debut Album ‘Something A Little More Sinister’

For fans of Alexisonfire, Every Time I Die, Thrice, Underoath, Beartooth

Out Now! THIS GUN FOR HIRE Debut Album ‘Something A Little More Sinister’

This Gun For Hire Band Biography Video: https://youtu.be/uppSKtSb6Mc

        Formed in 2015, Vancouver’s THIS GUN FOR HIRE is a genuine band of brothers that have built a long-lasting friendship through the music they play. Unleashing a power punch of their rock tinged melodic metalcore / post hardcore; the band has unleashed their debut album ‘Something A Little More Sinister’ out now as of March 31st. The album was recorded with engineer and producer Roger Swan (K-OS, Battle Axe) to present their first clutch of original songs to showcase to the world. The twelve track release displays a keen awareness of pace and dynamics. Moving deftly from the seething chaos of the eponymous opener to the grandiose and melodic epic of ‘To The Fallen And The Faithful’ and back again for the staccato grunt of ‘Barn Burner’ to finish the record. Taking cues from Alexisonfire, Every Time I Die, Underoath, Beartooth, The Holly Springs Disaster, the band describes their sound as “fast, heavy, sincere, atmospheric, and meaningful”.

“It’s just music we all feel the need to write. Metal with no boundaries is what got us together. There is way too much fluff going on now in this genre. It’s lost its integrity. We hope people can walk away with one of our songs stuck in their head. Or looking for more!” says guitarist Tyler Burns.

‘Something A Little More Sinister’ is available through iTunes, Spotify, Amazon.

Full album stream can be heard at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsdJtt1eiKUYKqWvMQ3hPnw 

Music Video – ‘Barn Burner’ at https://youtu.be/UO1qbqi3I2Q  

Guitar Playthrough Video ‘Barn Burner’ – https://youtu.be/FyKZKJ7l1vg

Music Video – ‘Infection’ – https://youtu.be/6yzmajgdyTk 

FREE download – ‘Barn Burner’ at http://puregrainaudio.com/audio/this-gun-for-hire-barn-burner-free-song-download

1. Infection (3:34)
2. Something A Little More Sinister (4:13)
3. From The Earth To The Earth (3:24)
4. Set This Path (4:07)
5. Alligator Death Roll (6:35)
6. Good Evening Deacon (4:07)
7. To The Fallen And The Faithful (5:21)
8. One Hell Bent Lot Lizard (4:38)
9. Cause For Concern (3:32)
10. My Meaning (4:30)
11. Empty Eyes (4:31)
12. Barn Burner (3:20)
Album Length: 51:57

Album & Live Band Lineup:
Shelby Tanaka (Lead Vocals)
Tyler Burns (Guitars/Bass)
Mitch Harsch (Drums/Vocals)
Axel Verstraeten (Guitars)
Jake Murdoch (Bass/Vocals)
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