NoCleanSinging Premiere Winnipeg Black Metal CELL ‘Erasing The Plane of Existence’

NoCleanSinging Premiere Winnipeg Black Metal CELL ‘Erasing The Plane of Existence’

Releasing New Album October 14th  ‘The Frozen Moon of Erebath’

L-R: Cell Current Line Up | Deimos (Bass) | Hyperion (Vocals, Guitar) | | Void (Drums) – Photo Credit – Amy Lee Zinn

Unleashing their debut concept album ‘The Frozen Moon of Erebath’ on October 14th, atmospheric black metal contingent CELL have joined forces with for the premiere of their first single ‘Erasing The Plane of Existence’ at the following link:

CELL is a band purveying their own unique brand of cosmic black metal with pile-driving drumming, flavored with hints of doom and sludge metal, but always with that unique black metal atmosphere, inspired by the cosmos, and darker than any black hole, drawing all light into itself and spewing out darkness.

Their concept album ‘’The Frozen Moon of Erebath’ takes place in a different galaxy to our own.

In this galaxy there are many intelligent beings that have been driven to extinction by their own hands.” says vocalist / guitarist Hyperion. “Greed, hate, lust, and power are some of the many feelings that have destroyed them over time. On the frozen moon of Erebath there is a race of beings who destroyed their own planet and relocated to their moon to perform experiments and create more hybrids of themselves that can further their goal to conquer the galaxy.”

CELL came into creation in the late fall of 2014 at the hands of guitarist and vocalist Hyperion and drummer Void in Winnipeg, Manitoba. After jamming as a two-piece for a few months, bassist Deimos joined the nucleus of Cell, and this unique black metal organism was ready to infect the world, for a strong concept divides and multiplies like an invading organism infecting more and more fans in their turn…The Cell infection/invasion begins here!

Feeding off the crowd’s energy, Cell lives to bring their unique cosmic black metal to the stage…to show and guide their fans to what reigns above them, the universe in all its cold splendor and glory!

Their top five influences are Inquisition, Tsjuder, Immortal, Death and 1349 but CELL very much bring their own vision to the table, after all, if you want to see far, you stand on the shoulders of giants…and CELL’s vision reaches to the very edge of the universe.

1. Gateway to Erebath
2. Drained And Lifeless
3. Cosmic Portal Ov Hell
4. Symbiotic Parasite
5. Celestial Hybrid
6. The Infinity Gauntlet
7. Erasing The Plane Of Existence
8. Infinite Flux
9. Rage Upon The Celestial Effigy Of Infinity Time And Space

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