NoCleanSinging Premiere PROTOSEQUENCE’s Next Assault “Shepherd” + New EP “Biophagous” Out Aug 18th

For fans of After The Burial, Rings of Saturn, All Shall Perish, August Burns Red, Born of Osiris

NoCleanSinging Premiere PROTOSEQUENCE’s Next Assault “Shepherd” + New EP “Biophagous” Out Aug 18th

L-R – Jacob Teeple (Bass), Kyle Hunter (Guitar), Joseph McKee (Vocals), Logan Vars (Drums), Dylan Parker (Guitar and Vocals)
Photo Credit: Ryan Wiesner at Trivium Photography

Drawing influence from acts like All Shall Perish, August Burns Red, and The Black Dahlia Murder, PROTOSEQUENCE root their music in technicality while layering emotional, yet gruff vocals weaved into every track. The band transitions seamlessly through djent riffs, grinding drums and groove elements, making their sound versatile and ever-changing.  Releasing their first single / video “Parasitic” last month in support of their upcoming EP “Biophagous” to follow their 2016 debut “Schizophrene”, the quintet has teamed up with for the exclusive premiere of their next single “Shepherd”.


“Shepherd holds closer to my heart than any other song I have written. The story is molded from a young man to present day. I’ve taken advice too literal as a young man, missing out on a lot of important, meaningful experiences with family and friends. It wasn’t until I was older; I realized my Shepherd was only keeping me safe from destructive feedback. I wrote this song angry, but forgiving in the end, for I was ignorant. Hopefully others can see light through these words just as much as I do.” comments vocalist Joseph McKee.

To listen to “Shepherd”, please visit the following link:

“Biophagous” is due out August 18, 2017 and available for pre-order on the band’s Bandcamp here plus will be available on all major online retailers.

Track Listing:
1. DFL (3:42)
2. Parasitic (4:42)
3. Shepherd (5:02)
4. The Hate Subsides (4:08)
EP Length: 17:35

For more info:



Protosequence is a reference to the original genome where all life began — much like the band, which existed in principle before they even had a presence. Each of the members were lying in wait to be activated and become the strain that is now Protosequence. Kyle Hunter (guitar) was constantly crafting near-complete songs that were ready to be realized. It did not take long for Kyle and Logan Vars (drums) to finally meet. It seemed as though there were two projects destined to combine into a singular effort to form the final line-up for the band: Logan (drums), Kyle (guitar), Parker (guitar), Joseph McKee (vocals), and Ryan Schaffler (ex-bassist) who is now replaced by Jacob Teeple. Members have a long history in the Edmonton music scene, playing in bands like Anubian and In The Midst Of A Murder since the early 2000s.
The band will be releasing their new EP “Biophagous” on August 18th, 2017 to follow their 2016 debut EP “Schizophrene”.

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