NefariousRealm Premiere: Black / Grind KRATORNAS Lyric Video ‘Archangels of Destruction’

NefariousRealm Premiere: Black / Grind KRATORNAS Lyric Video ‘Archangels of Destruction’

New Album ‘Devoured By Damantion’ Out Now via Grathila Records

    Originally based in the Philippines and now residing in Canada, black / grind metal band KRATORNAS, the once solo project of guitarist Zachariah now turned duo with drummer Guzzarin unleashed their ten track brutality ‘Devoured By Damnation’ this past December via Grathila Records. The music is inspired by ‘Bathory, Deicide, Sadus, Terrorizer and Vader’ and will ‘treat listeners like punching bags!’.  Their sound is best described as being raw, primitive, deranged with a high octane combination of grindcore, raw black metal along with a death metal punch mixed with thrash metal riffs.

The duo has put together a new lyric video for their track ‘Archangel of Destruction’ premiered exclusively on at

kratornas - archangels of destruction

‘Devoured By Damnation’ is now available on CD and digitally via Grathila Records at the following outlets Bandcamp, CD BabyiTunesGoogleplay.

1. Spit On God (4:44)
2. Dead Burning Christ (3:10)
3. Archangels of Destruction (2:25)
4. Deluge – After Massacre (2:37)
5. Blood of The Devil (3:14)
6. Evil Is Reborn (5:51)
7. Devoured By Damnation (4:49)
8. Cadavers of Gods (2:41)
9. Huios Diabolus (2:30)
10. World Within Demons (3:49)

Album Length: 35:54


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