Montreal Industrial Monsters PROJEKT F Posts New Video ‘Unbegun’

Montreal Industrial Monsters PROJEKT F Posts New Video ‘Unbegun’
Headlining ‘GothFest’ In Montreal June 19th
New EP ‘The Butterfly Effect’ Out Now!

Upcoming Dates:

June 19 – Katacombes – Montreal, QC (GothFest) – info

Montreal industrial monsters PROJEKT F have posted a new video ‘Unbegun’ in support of their recently released EP ‘The Butterfly Effect’. The EP is their loudest release to date featuring seven pinnacle tracks for your auditory senses discussing the torrid relationship between man and God to continue their thematic discography ‘Skins’ (2013) and ‘Under The Skin’ (2014).


”We consider ‘The Butterfly Effect’ to be an extremely raw and honest EP. Early in the process of making it, we knew that we would not be making a music video for it. However, we thought it was important to give something to our fans. So we decided to make a video that would show a side of Projekt F that hasn’t been seen before. Like the EP, a raw and honest one. Many of you have seen our “on stage persona” before, but with this video that we have made for our single, “Unbegun”, we are sharing a different side of ourselves.” comments vocalist Jonh M. Miller.

To watch ‘Unbegun’, please visit the following link:

Album Stream – The Butterfly Effect –

In additional news, PROJEKT F will be headlining day 2 of the first edition of GothFest in Montreal, QC on June 19th at Katacombes. The festival features 14 dark bands from across Quebec, Ontario and New York. For full details, please visit the following link here.

1. The Butterfly Effect (1:32)

2. Tongue (4:53)

3. Cut Your Wings (3:46)

4. Unbegun (3:49)

5. 03:47:09:08:1945 (1:58)

6. Fatman (4:24)

7. When the Angel Fell From the Sky (4:56)

Album Length: 25:22


Projekt F was founded in 2006 by Jonh M. Miller, lead singer and main composer of the band. Inspired by rock/industrial/metal music of the 90’s, Projekt F quickly made a name for themselves in the underground music scene of Montreal. Miller was joined by William Hicks (bass) in 2010, Simon Sayz (guitar) in 2013, and Fred Linx (drums) in 2014.

Their first EP named “0000” saw the light of day in 2009 with 500 physical copies made by the band being sold out in no time, and more than 1000 digital copies downloaded. Continuing to evolve in the Montreal Industrial scene, the band accumulated a large number of shows across the Province of Quebec and Ontario with their musical originality and their intensity on stage. In 2012, the band was invited to play alongside Combichrist at the biggest industrial music festival in Canada, Kinetik Festival. During the last few years they have shared the stage with international bands such as Motionless In White, Revolting Cocks, Angelspit, Nachtmar, Left Spine Down, Slaves on Dope, New Years Day, For Today and Ice Nine Kills.

Projekt F has also had the opportunity to do a performance of their song “Room 13” in a TV pilot called “Cause and Effect” (produced by Vaas Media). Their song “Oophorectomy” is also featured in a short movie called “Purple Love” (produced by Les films de la meute), featured at the 2013 Cannes Festival.

Taking a darker and more personal musical road, Projekt F launched their album “Skins” in 2013 and 2014’s EP “Under The Skin”, which is now followed by their newest EP, “The Butterfly Effect” released on March 4, 2016. It is said to be a direct sequel to their previous conceptual effort ”Skins”.


Jonh M. Miller – Vocals/Piano/Synth

William Hicks – Bass

Simon Sayz – Guitar

Fred Linx– Drums

For more info, please visit

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