Malacoda – New album “Restless Dreams” is our new album of the week play. Sat Nov 3rd 2018 at 3pm Est


Restless Dreams is a musical journey through dark, tormented themes of doubt, loss, guilt and terror. The plot of the album follows a broken man’s journey through the ghost town of Silent Hill after receiving a letter from his dead wife asking him to meet her there. Malacoda brings a fresh interpretation of the themes within the ground-breaking video game classic Silent Hill 2.

Malacoda artfully bring to life the oppressive, claustrophobic aura of the fog consumed town with deviously clever song-writing and mind-cacthing lyrics, Malacoda truly understand the importance of meticulous production, and appreciate the masterful mix by Jon Howard (Threat Signal, Imonolith),

Restless Dreams is a musical release unlike any other. Fans and new listeners alike, prepare for an atmospheric and melodic metal descent into a world of horror and despair.



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