Interview with Death Perception

Hello Kat n Evan Thanks for your support and interest in our band. It’s always comforting seeing people such as yourselves keeping the scene alive and well and pumping some life back into the community! \m/

We are encouraged to keep making new and heavy music for ourselves and for whomever happens to enjoy this style of music.

We love the crowd interaction and giving people an outlet to release their demons.

Our music is a solid mix of heavy influences. Driven by a thrash edge, Death Perception blends death metal and black metal along with an ambitious pairing of hardcore and groove to round the crunch. Music wise we enjoy a wide range of artists but will name a few for you. All Shall Perish, King Crimson, Behemoth, Soulfly, Lamb Of God, Mushroomhead, Carnifex.

Nathan and Josh had met through a mutual friend. Ryan met Nathan and Josh at a show and shortly after Ryan joined. Ryan introduced Kyle and was added to the line up. Not long after we finalized talks with David to fill out the line up.

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