Interview with Act of Sin

Q: What motivates you to record and release your music?

A: Well, mostly the fact that we love making music, but also the fact that we’re all getting older and writing and playing is a nice escape from being an adult!

Q: How would you describe your music to people that have never heard it?

A: That depends. For people familiar with metal, I’d describe us as a mix of melodic death, thrash and groove metal. To someone unfamiliar to metal, I’d call it abrasive! Ha

Q: What bands do you listen to?

A: We all listen to different bands, but there’s definitely a bias towards thrash metal and american metalcore. Some of the guys are also big Kim Mitchell fans.

Q: How did you all meet to form this band?

A: Most of the guys are all friends from Hamilton and have been for years. Our vocalist is from toronto but played in a previous band with our drummer, so it was all a natural fit.

Q: Anything else you would live to add?

A: Yeah. Thanks alot for the interview! Anyone who wants to check us out can do so at we have a new music video posted, and we’re entering the studio in April to record a new album. You can also catch us at the doors pub in Hamilton march 26th or at Kitchener metalfest may 28!

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