Idioteq Premiere THIS GUN FOR HIRE Video ‘Barn Burner’

Idioteq Premiere THIS GUN FOR HIRE Video ‘Barn Burner’

Debut Album ‘Something A Little More Sinister’ Out March 31st

       Rock tinged melodic metalcore / post hardcore Vancouverites THIS GUN FOR HIRE will be unleashing their debut album ‘Something A Little More Sinister’ on March 31, 2017. The band has already released singles Infection and Good Evening Deacon and are now ready to present the premiere of their next video ‘Barn Burner’ exclusively on

“You ever been to one of those parties where you feel like you’re on top of the world? Well this isn’t one of those parties. Welcome to Barn Burner! Where the drinks aren’t free and the girls ain’t pretty. Get ready for a night full of hazards, disasters, and bastards where there’s no going home! Barn Burner is This Gun for Hire‘s party jam that doesn’t let up, even for a second. Delving into the Canadian atmosphere of bush and house parties. You better dust off those dancing shoes and buckle up for a wild… ish ride. Special thanks to Kris Hellstrom for creating another awesome video for us.” the band comments.

Watch ‘Barn Burner’ at the following link: 

THIS GUN FOR HIRE recorded ‘Something A Little More Sinister’ with engineer and producer Roger Swan (K-OS, Battle Axe) to present their first clutch of original songs to showcase to the world. The twelve track release displays a keen awareness of pace and dynamics. Moving deftly from the seething chaos of the eponymous opener to the grandiose and melodic epic of “To The Fallen And The Faithful’, and back again for the staccato grunt of ‘Barn Burner’ to finish the record, THIS GUN FOR HIRE leave you in little doubt as to their capabilities.

‘Something A Little More Sinister’ will be available through iTunes, Amazon and CD Baby.

1. Infection (3:34)
2. Something A Little More Sinister (4:13)
3. From The Earth To The Earth (3:24)
4. Set This Path (4:07)
5. Alligator Death Roll (6:35)
6. Good Evening Deacon (4:07)
7. To The Fallen And The Faithful (5:21)
8. One Hell Bent Lot Lizard (4:38)
9. Cause For Concern (3:32)
10. My Meaning (4:30)
11. Empty Eyes (4:31)
12. Barn Burner (3:20)
Album Length: 51:57
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