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How to get free air play on Kat's Metal Litter Box Radio  


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05/04/2017 4:35 pm  

All files must be in MP3 Format 128bit or higher. Please make sure youe music is fully tagged.

Example of Perfect Tagging. (OK I did this one) Get MP3TAG The universal tag editor. (FREE)

Provide Facebook or Twitter page and  or Website if you have one.

To Send your music to us you can use dropbox or Google drive here is the email address to send the songs too. 

Please give us time to get and add your music we get a lot of music sent to us. When we add your songs to rotation we will email you and let you know.

We do refuse songs if the MP3 is music is bad quality as we have to play this on our radio station and can't you recording you songs from your garage practice.

We like giving away prizes on our radio station so if you want to you can send us some CDs to give away if you like.