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Hello I'm Evan from Kat n Evan  


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05/04/2017 5:59 pm  

Hello everyone.

Some may know me know and some may not.

Here is a bit about me.

I don't come from a music back ground but always had a love for music, as a kid. I DJ a bit in my teens at a local public school called Fisherville Senior Public School in North York on Friday night dances. The stuff we played you couldn't really dance to but Air Guitars and  Air Drumming was always Welcomed.

Mmost of my friends were in a band and I never played an instrument but always thought of myself, as the band manager even though they just played in the garage. I guess I was The Garage Band Manager. I wanted to play Electric Guitar but never could find the time, as I worked many jobs in my teens and liked having cash in my pocket all the time. I owned many guitars in my years and owned a Sweet White Fender Stratocaster in my teens. I think I thought I knew how to play when on the wacky tabacky. (Don't Judge me. haha When I grew up everyone one was doing it and the best wacky tabacky was the stash you found in your parents draw (You know what I'm talking about Bill. No last name but he knows who I'm talking about).

Went to the same school as some Members of Rush. (They are older then me, my cousin went to school with them)

Can you get in trouble for something you might have or might have not done 34 years ago (No we didn't kill anyone or something bad) See the ledge above the school doors. Lets say Rush knew it was there school. We were bored and enjoyed blasting Rush on our 20LB Boom Box.

I always wanted to be a band manager while growing and I now I am 35+ years later and people still say I act like a kid. (Kids don't give up on your dreams. Can't believe I just said that. Just bust your ass and just because your dream don't happen when you think it should or want it to. Don't give up back burner dreams are the best).

I always had a knack for the value of money and mother always told people I could turn a nickel into a dime. (back in our day you could by a lot with a nickel and dime. I'm not talking about a single gum ball.  Mister Magoo Candy store get back and get 10 black Jaw Breaks for 1 dime.)

I a restaurant Manager at 19. Still have have no clue how this happened (Guess they had Better Wacky Tabacky then me).

I have always had a good business sense and started Compu-Tel back in 1991 and still around. The business has changed over the years but still have it and still live buy the same set of business rules treat your clients the way you would want to be treated and money comes second customer service is first.

This is the way I run Kat's Metal Litter Box with Kat my Daughter (Not My Wife or Girlfriend as people have thought)

Kat I think got into music because of me as at the early age of 3 she was listen to ozzy osbourne crazy train and singing a long and when it ended she would say again and again. I won't say much more about Kat as maybe she wants to do an intro one here.

Sorry for the long into yours can be a lot shorter. Have any questions for me feel free to ask and 99.9% of the time you are messaging me on social media or emails you are speaking to  \m/  (⌐■_■) = Evan \m/

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05/04/2017 6:16 pm  

Just in case someone asks I have been happily married 27 years. (Most of the people I meet weren't even born when I married or were still in Diapers )