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03/11/2017 2:18 pm  
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Evan Wecome the the Chat
Evan CD Flip tray display [link src=""]
Evan This is the one I like but only saw in the US and they want over 62.00 us for shipping [link src=""]
Craig Got it.
Evan Cool. We are going for more people
Craig m/ @@ m/
Evan Craif are you in a band?
Craig Yup. 9 Lives and Counting.
Evan Opps Craig I mean
Craig Craif works.
Craig 😛
Evan Haha
ScottyE Finally lol
ScottyE I'm a tech dummy
ScottyE Hey Craig
ScottyE Jason get this sorted before me? d**n millenials lol
Craig I'm listening through facebook live so I can hear you talk.
ScottyE I'm easy
ScottyE Ergue
ScottyE Hi
Craig I refuse to make decisions tonight.
Craig I'm off duty.
ScottyE That right there was a decision lol
Craig I know this song!
Evan OK lets start. as some of you may know or not we were told by Sunrise records we can bring other band music in anymore because we charged a small fee to cover costs.
Craig Is that Sunrise calling?
Craig 🙂
ScottyE I did know that
ScottyE I know this tune!!
Evan So I decided the hell with them and I came up with doing a local artist digital store and also want to take it on the road
Craig We're in.
Craig 😛
ScottyE We would be interested in that, is it a consignment idea?
ScottyE We got the goods lol wanna sell em?
Evan I spoke with a promoter and he said it would be ok for me to set up and sell Local artist cds at his shows.
Craig We just happen to have more than we can move 😉
ScottyE Hehehehe
ScottyE That's a great idea
Evan We have 2 bands so far and looking for more bands to sell their cds and we want to talk about what they make and what we make
Craig Our CD is up everywhere digitally... But we would definitely be up for giving you a batch of physical copies to put up for sale.
ScottyE For sure
Evan We have a square Payment so we can take credit cards but there is a fee involved in this
ScottyE Are you doing Merch too?
ScottyE It's a cool idea
Evan Yes we also want to see if we can bring them to fleamarkets
ScottyE Sick!
ScottyE Man that's a good idea
ScottyE we never thought of that hehe
Craig We have $10 and $15 dollar versions of our CD... what cut were you thinking of taking?
Evan Merch not yet want to try first
Evan we would have to charge a fee to square is about 3%
Craig Ya but how much would you want?
Evan 60 for the band and 40 split for us. Let me calculate it
Evan trying to set a price point of 9.99 or less for cd's
ScottyE So I get the rough math Evan, but at that split, we would need to charge more right?
Evan Hello Dany
Dany NS Hi Evan!
Dany NS and any others in here 😀
ScottyE Unfortunately we actually don't make money on our discs really, because we wanted them to be killer. So it would mean we'd need to pay you to move them.
Evan really depends on what you pay on the cds I guess
ScottyE Not to be a downer, I wanna help work this out!
Craig Ya... we didn't cheap out on the production of them at all. Our $10 CDs cost us more than $6 each to make.
Evan it's really about getting the artist out there. We could say we take a set price after fees
ScottyE We make a few bucks, but we went with killer packaging a lyric book etc etc because we wanna spend to make the product bought something you want not just wanna listen too.
ScottyE To srry
ScottyE With that said, would you consider a monthly fee that is lower
ScottyE that could be an idea
ScottyE You have a subscription to your service that isn't exorbitant
Evan yes we are hear to see what we can make work. that is what the chat is for. Sunrise takes 50 percent
ScottyE and joiners are all part of the fold, but your renewable income is steady, while the bands who benefit still recoup the production cost?
Evan we could set a higher price on the CD's for you.
ScottyE Just spitballing
ScottyE For sure
Craig Ya.... if we had the price a little higher it would make more sense for us
Evan what would be a fair price for a renewable service.
ScottyE And I'm not necessarily saying we would mind a loss depending on the effectiveness right?
Craig I think a split makes more sense for both sides. Just have to make sure we cover costs. Getting the album in more hands would be great.
ScottyE Well it really depends a lot on how much it take you to do it and what happens.
ScottyE That may be a harder way to go if you don't have a lot at the start right?
Evan we are looking for many ways to promote this maybe rent a mall spot
ScottyE For sure!
Craig I have to run to dinner now, but Scott can catch me up.

I think this is a great idea though. Hopefully we can figure out something that works for everyone.

ScottyE Yep I wanna help
Evan I remember the old days street vendors used to sell boot leg tapes. We are going to try many different things even lnpw a guy at rogers that does a music show.
ScottyE That was immediately what I thought of lol, I used to live on Queen on the weekend picking up random tapes that was amazing!
Evan I know a guy at rogers maybe a show to promote bands
ScottyE Thanks bud! We appreciate it!
Evan I'm trying it out at a show tomorrow at the rockpile bring a couple bands CDs
ScottyE Excellent
Evan I was thinking of a sampler cd to give away.
ScottyE Sampler CD's are a killer idea
ScottyE We would be way into that
Dany NS Yeah I loved sampler CD back in time
Evan We are going to do what a lot of bands don't do is get the peoples email addresses and track what type of music they like.,
Evan Offer a chance to win a CD for their email address and the type of music they like.
ScottyE Also a fantastic idea
ScottyE Better if when they win they can just choose from say "Rock" or "Metal" like all the bands involved, pick any instead of roulette
ScottyE depending on the analytics you get right?
Evan yes.
ScottyE Some really good thinking here Evan
ScottyE I think you have an angle
Evan Yes I look at it as a business and a lot of bands don't. I have been in business soucing and selling since 1991 aqnd learned it all on my own
Evan Do you guys have a square reader to take credit card payments?
ScottyE K some people coming Evan
ScottyE Yes 9 Lives does
ScottyE And would aso sell Kat merch by the way
Evan a lot of bands don't. Not why they don't have it as it's free to get and they even mail it for free.
Evan Been so buys with helping still don't even have our merch or business cards
Evan Buys = Busy
ScottyE No worries, sorry for being a bit sporadic, I'm messaging some guys I think would be interested in discussing this
Evan was hoping for a better turnout. We can only help if bands want to be helped
ScottyE Sit tight
Evan OK.
ScottyE Well actually I digress? Because Musicians are unreliable lol but I have a couple guys that say they are on it, I'm willing to wait a few lol
Evan here is the stand I wanted to get [link src=""]
ScottyE Jason and I can build you far far cooler if yo cover materials and we cover labour at that size 😉
Evan here is the other one that is local in toronto [link src=""]
ScottyE Prob cheaper than that is
ScottyE Nope
ScottyE You need a briefcase (large) style that folds open with the racks inside and has leds
Evan just looking for something portable and easy to move around.
ScottyE when your ready you close it and go
ScottyE Exactly
Evan The second one is ugly noit a big fan of it.
ScottyE First is weak, second is a hard no
ScottyE It has to catch an eye
ScottyE literally
ScottyE why look at yours?
Evan Yes that would be cool as I could sell cds anywhere even in a parking lot at a bigger show.
ScottyE Cause from 30 feet it's bright and interesting 😉
ScottyE Need an AC outlet or a 12V plug for a car to turn it on
Evan I used to put business cards in the library books to promote my computer business. I'm old school promoting work hard get results
ScottyE True
ScottyE Maybe l;ol
ScottyE I'm there too
Evan bands have to know by know it takes a lot of hard work to get people to the shows,
ScottyE Oh man. the smart ones do.
ScottyE But they are far a few between
ScottyE FB see you there
Evan yes.
Evan going to fb
Ernie ?