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16/10/2017 4:13 am  
1. Playing many shows at the same venues over and over.
Why do you keep on doing this? The Venues are Empty I know bands like to play as much as they can.
He is what you are doing by doing this. Making venues money on Booze & Food Sales. Throwing your money out the window,
2. Planning shows 1 month before the show.
1 month to get people to a show doesn't work. Planning a show takes more then a month unless you want to play to empty venues then you are ok.
3. Only using Facebook & Twitter to promote shows.
Keep seeing people doing this and the shows I have been to are empty all the time.
5. Going on tour but only start 2 month before the tour to get bands and venues.
You need a lot more then 2 months to book a tour. Why because the venues you want to play at are booked in advance. You need time to get bands in the area that have a following and are willing to promote and put up posters and other things. A tour needs a lot of planing.
6. Not supporting people that are supporting and trying to help you
Not sharing post you are mentioned in example. Promoting the venues. Take photo of the band and share on google maps or yelp. Rate the venue. A Radio Stations plays your music listen to the station let other know they should listen too it. Do a Radio ID Say your bands name and say you listen to the Radio Station Name.
7. Bands not working together.
If you on a show stay to watch all the bands and tell your friends you brought to the show to stay as well. You are not helping your band when you leave after your set and you take your friends with. Yes we do notice this and won't recommend you for other shows.
Do you want to change this? I have many ideas and I'm sure other bands have many as well lets work together and play to packed venues. If your just looking to take from this and not be part of this and help we don't want you here. Sorry I had to say this as there are some bands out there that just want to take and not give back and help others.